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Reducing costs

Grant Thornton strives to speak out on issues that matter to business and which are in the wider public interest. Here you will find insight into some of the topics raised by the advertising.

The credit crunch, a practical guide.

The credit crunch is beginning to squeeze entrepreneurial businesses. Slowing growth, weakening demand and reduced lending by the banks compound an already difficult situation in which commodity prices are rising rapidly. While some regions and sectors are proving more resilient than others, we believe it is sensible to take quick and decisive action. This 10-point check from Grant Thornton UK LLP provides a quick reminder of some of the areas to consider to improve your readiness and even turn conditions to your advantage. View the guide.

Not for profit survey 2007/2008

The three most challenging issues for the Not for Profit sector are financing and fundraising, governance and the retention and motivation of key staff. This survey from Grant Thornton New Zealand builds on the findings of surveys in 2003 and 2005 to highlight the trends in the New Zealand Not for Profit sector. In the current year this has been especially in the area of Governance. Respondents were asked to identify the three most significant issues challenging their Not for Profit organisation. Once again financing the activities of the organisation and governance topped the poll but retaining and motivating key staff and attracting new Trustees/Board members represented greater challenges to Not for Profit organisations than in the past. Read full report.

Corporate responsibility: burden or opportunity?

The 15th edition of the Survey of US Business Leaders from Grant Thornton US focuses on the topic of corporate responsibility, exploring the impact and importance of initiatives in the environmental, social and economic arenas. It examines how executives are developing corporate responsibility programmes and the impact those programmes are having on corporate strategy and profitability. Read the survey.

Profitability via productivity

Canadian manufacturers are optimistic about revenue and economic growth but unsure about their prospects for improved profitability. Why? Grant Thornton Canada believes this uncertainty reflects concerns about whether Canadian manufacturers are measuring up to world-class standards and questions need to be asked: Are Canadian manufacturers flexible enough to adapt to rapidly changing markets? Are they innovating with both products and processes? Are they getting the most out of their supply and value chains or are they falling behind more nimble competitors? Profitability via productivity offers a clear view of Canada’s current manufacturing climate as well as strategic insights.
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Financial reporting deadlines

Grant Thornton Australia’s survey on financial reporting deadlines was conducted as part of the firm's ongoing commitment to speaking out on issues that matter to business. Australia has some of the tightest financial reporting deadlines in the world for both private and publicly listed companies. There is also a predominance of 30 June year-ends due to the tax and company legislation. The clustering of year end reporting creates a huge strain on those involved in the financial reporting process and this report is designed to encourage further discussion and ultimately to lead to positive outcomes for those affected by red tape.
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Environmental and corporate responsibility survey

The Grant Thornton UK environmental and corporate responsibility survey shines a light on the current attitudes of British businesses towards a sustainable future. The report canvassed the opinions of 200 medium and large-sized businesses across the UK, asking them how important environmental issues and corporate responsibility currently are to their business. UK businesses certainly appear attuned to the importance of adopting a responsible attitude towards the environment and their other corporate obligations. But for many UK mid-sized businesses, there is still a perception that environmental issues and corporate responsibility demand substantial investment. This, coupled with the daily demands of running their businesses, may be the biggest barrier to developing sustainable, long-term solutions – despite the practical imperative of doing so.
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